Data Move In Quantum PLC


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Using ladder logic, I need to move a static value, such as 20840, into a holding register. It has been way too long since I have worked with a modicon/quantum PLC for the life of me I can't find the right instruction. All the data moves appear to want to move tables to registers or register to tables.

I tried multiplying 20840 X 1 and storing the results in 400001 but the results end up in two consecutive holding registers, the first has a value of 2, the second has a value of 840?

Is this do-able? Does anyone remember how?
Sounds like you're using Proworx.

MULT will always put result in two consecutive registers. Try using BLKM instruction instead. Make source #20480, destination 400001 and instruction BLKM (bottom) #0001 for one register. You may want to make sure you set preferences in Proworx to show Maximum Decimal Value to 65525 and not 9999.

Hope that helps.
Thanks, I'm actually running a free download of fastrak software. I did find a 16 bit mult block (MU16) that appears to perform the functionality I want.