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I have RS485/RS232 devices from which i can fetch up data on modbus. I need to transfer this data with the help of any GSM/GPRS Modem on Mobile & via Email.

If anyone have come across such application please let me know the solution.
Why not forget the gsm and gprs modem and just send email. Carriers all got ways to send sms through email. Take a look at this page:

This way you can take any pc and program a little software that sen your data through email.

Let me know if this is not an option.
Hi Nikunj,

I am trying fetch data from energy meters.I am totally new to software. Please help me. How do you fetch data from RS 485/RS 232 devices. Please guide me.


Dixit Solanki

Hi Deepti,

Very first, you need to figure out the address range of your needs from the address table of your energy meter.

Generally, energy meters are having float data in IEEE format. So you need to convert those holding registers to get the correct readings.

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Dixit Solanki