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Ron Gage

Not to be outdone by Curt! :)

I can, if nothing else, guarantee that the following is very incomplete and certainly will not compile.

It is a *suggestion* on how to implement a register database in memory for the project. I am not sure if it will work as I don't have any C reference books here at work.

It _is_ a starting point, none the less...

Ron Gage - Saginaw, MI
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(See attached file: Register.c)
Hi Curt:

No, actually I was bored at work. The ideas on how to deal with the registers kept entering my mind so I tried to jot them out on paper. I'll probably add to it today (iow: I got the documentation on malloc and friends on Linux on hand now).

The typedef for byte can be changed to whatever we need/want it to be.

If it's caffeine you seek, I'll send you a tin of "Penguin Mints". 3 mints = a bottle of Coke (caffeine wise).


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