Data Store activex control on Panel view plus


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I started logging data using data store in panel view plus 6 (compact logic PLC and Factory Talk View 8.00 *.mer)and have a dilemma:

I am logging 5 tags using data store ActiveX and one of these tags is linked to a string input object for operator comments. suppose I am logging data every 30 seconds and the operator wants to update the string input object(with comments) at any time and this comment needs to be logged in only once.

1) Is there a flag after each row of all 5 tags logged in has completed, maybe I can use one shot and clear the comment, but after I know when it logged the comment.

2) Can a tag be logged in (updated) manually between data logging frequency(30 sec above)

3) what is handshake bit in the connection tab do?

I am hoping to keep the comments in the same file as the other tags and for comments to appear in the data once and at the time it was entered by the operator.