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>> >If we have these three, let's have the remaining one, "invert".
>> >for completeness, partly because it doesn't cost anything, partly
>> >because it'll probably come in handy sometimes.

>Stan Brown wrote:
>> Hmm it's realy unheard of. But I can't think of any real
reason to not
>> have it. On the other hand, I can think of many reasons to
never use
>> it.

>Jiri Baun wrote:
>It really freaks the electrician if you tell him not to worry about
>figuring out the N/O contacts (like it says in the diagram) and wire
>sensor N/C :)

>Seriously, though, you'd never use it in your design; you might use it
>in later kluges and workarounds (same as the other kind of forces,

Some German prox switches are inverted. ( negative logic?)

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