Data transfer between S7 and Controllogix using Ethernet


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Is there a possibility to exchange data between a Siemens S7 and Controllogix?

All PLCs are on an Ethernet network. I need data to send from S7 to Controllogix. Is this possible through the standard software without adding any hardware?


Ravi Shankar

I am sure you are aware that S7 and Control Logix (for Ethernet communications) use a different set of protocols (at leaast at the application layer). I am not aware of any product from either of the manufacturers on which the other manufacturer's protocol can be built on the module. Therefore I think you will need to add in some (hardware) platform to convert between the two protocols.

Ravi Shankar
without adding hardware, the option would be OPC, which means you still need to get a OPC servcer that can speak both protocol of Siemens and ControlLogix, even though they are both on same physical layer (Ethernet).

if thinking of adding some hardware, adding a Profibus module to Controllogix, then integrate it into Siemens Profibus DP networks.

Modbus may be a option, but you may need two gateways for each.