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Mohamed Sakr

Dear Group

I have a project specification for water distribution network which consist of the following :

1- One (1) Master control station with Main PLC connected to Mimic Panel at water treatment Plant.
2- Ten (10) Outstations located at Storage Tanks.

I have used GE Fanuc Series 90/30 PLC's at the master station with a communication modems to collect data from various outstations.

Each out station have only 2 digital point ( High Level & Low Level Alarm in the Tank) and 1 Analog point ( Tank Level value), I used for each station GE Fanuc VersaMax Micro specially there is no need to control any equipment in the outstations except the indication in the Mimic panel at the WTP.

The communication media between the Master Station At WTP and each outstation shall be via leased line copper cable, so I have used
Datalinc modems to connect between them them.

The problem that I'm facing is our client want to used the telemetry cable to provide a voice communication between WTP and each outstation
by a telephone set shall be mounted at each outstation.

Note: The copper cable does not installed at this moment and this project is still in design phase

My questions are:-
1- does anyone have specific solution for this case or I have should change the cooper cable by a fiber optic cable and using anther modems which have Data/ Voice communication facilities.
2- Is there some kind of hardware will be used with the cooper cable to built the network from PABX system

Thanks in advance and best regards

Mohamed Sakr
[email protected]
Cairo, Egypt
Dear Mr. Mohamed,

I am exactly looking for the same. We are also Ge-fanuc system integrators. We are also looking for the same solution, but we are using fiber optic cable with multidrop modem connectivity, along with data and voice. we have found a modem and a multiplexer which can be used to transmit voice and data. The company is Tc communications, You can search it on Web. My request to you is how were you able to drag the data from 10 remote stations to the master station. If you can send the ladder example I will be thankful to you.


ravi kumar
[email protected]