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Thorsten Dohrn

We are using different scada systems like Protool/Pro and iFix, but we want to run the same program on both systems to log the data from an Siemens S7 PLC and create reports. Also it must be possible that the data logging can be on a separate PC.
The store data must be in a standard file format like Access or Excel.

Thorsten Dohrn
Try Iconics TrendWorx+, it is a really good Trending package and will log all the data directly to Access and/or SQL server. Connects to
the OPC server on any PC and performs the Data logging and analysis. It is also sold as a separate module to the total package. We have used it w/ Intellution, Wonderware and RSView installations


Sage, Pete (IndSys, GEFanuc, Albany)

One issue to consider with off-node database logging is what happens when the off-node database is down, the network connection is lost, etc. Typically data logged during this time will be lost unless the SCADA package implements store and forward functionality. While you can always write scripts to handle this case, finding the functionality built in make life easier.

Typically when doing off-node logging we recommend using a real database like SQL Server. MS-Access does not have a backend and hence the logging is really just file access, which can impact performance when the file is on a
networked drive. When the database is being accessed by two off-node clients you will have difficulty purging and compacting the database (since compacting requires exclusive access in MS-Access.) The choice on a database really depends on how important the data is, how much you plan on
storing and whether shutting down the system is viable when you need to perform database maintenance.

Pete Sage
CIMPLICITY Development Engineer
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Hunter Farris

I would suggest a OPC client/server software package and using an ethernet network you should be able to set up a data spreadsheet viewable by any machine. A few of the manufacturers of Siemens S7 drivers for their OPC software are as follows:

KEPServerEX by

and Siemens is due to have one on the market any moment now if not already.

Hunter Farris