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Mullenix, Thomas C.

I need to set the date and time in a Unix release 3.2 server. I get the option to do so on a startup but I was hoping to avoid that. I have access to the root directory. Thanks in advance for any help.

Thomas Mullenix
Celanese Ltd.

Curt Wuollet


Do a man on date (man -a date). typically you can simply do date HHMMSSMMDDYYYY or such. Be careful, there are some things that don't like negative time.


Curt Wuollet
Wide Open Technologies

Robert Nickel

I don't know if this machine has access to the internet or not, but the best way I know of to keep your time up to date is just to use ntp. The link below is the home page of ntp. It can help you get the software that you need. Basically, you'll download the software and shove a line in your crontab file that will run ntpdate periodically to update your system time to some inhumanly accurate nuclear clock somewhere.

As for manually setting the date, just type man -a date and read the direcitons.