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Eric M. Klintworth

I'm looking for a DB-9 connector with screw terminals or similar. I have to run an RS-232 cable through a conduit, and don't want to run a huge conduit just to accomodate the DB-9 connector. Specific suggestions please. The connector should be field terminateable without special tools, so no crimp-on pins or soldering. The closest thing I've found is B&B Electronics 9MHTBJB "9-pin to terminal block jumper boxes" (which I may use). Another option is the DIN-rail mount DB-9 to screw terminal converters made by Phoneix Contact, Weidmuller, and others, combined with a short jumper cable. The main downside of those is delivery (everybody has to order them from the US distribution center, with associated minimums and delays). Thanks, Eric M. Klintworth, PE Sharp Technologies, Inc. Columbus, Ohio USA

Craig McDougall

Phoenix Contact has a new product out that sounds like what you are looking for. They are solderless D-SUB terminations that come in 9, 15, and 25 pin configurations. Their model name is SUBCON. I received some infor on it but do not know price or availability. Hope this helps. Craig McDougall, P.Eng.

amora fibrianto

build one of your own using fused or common terminal block that ussually used in panel... cheap and fast solution. I have done it, and i found no rejection from our customer.
Phoenix makes 9 pin D-shell connector (as well as 15 and 25 pin) with screw terminals. This is NOT din rail, it is regular connector! SUBCON 9/F-SH pn 2761 499 SUBCON 9/M-SH pn 2761 509 SUBCON 15/F-SH pn 2761 596 SUBCON 15/M-SH pn 2761 606 SUBCON 25/F-SH pn 2761 619 SUBCON 25/M-SH pn 2761 622 Also available in 2 cable entry model. Check Phoenix catalog #9 Interface III. Cost much more than regular D-shell, but you save on labor.
Eric, I may be stepping on someone trademark toe, but have you looked into 3M's "Twist & Flat" cable. It is installed as any round-type cable. However, at each connector location the insulation can be removed and the cable untwisted. At that point it becomes a flatribbon-type cable. Then any IDC (Insulation Displacement Connector) can be installed. 3M's connector series began with the letters MMR (pin) and MFR (socket). The cable series covered both D-sub and flatribbon connectors, ie, both even and odd number of conductors. Let me know if additional info is required. Regards, Phil Corso, PE Trip-A-Larm Corp (Deerfield Beach, FL)

Steven Landau

2 Ways. 1) Crimp on RJJ-45 and use RJ45 to DB9 Adaptor Plugs. Crimping a RJ-45 is alot quicker and easier than putting together a DB9 connector. 2) I know that Phoenix Contact made a DB-9 plug with screw terminals. S Landau SPEC

Kirk S. Hegwood

Newark Electronics has IDC (insulation displacement ) D-Sub Connectors. Part # 52F7054 (female) 52f7062 (male). Used them many a time. Good luck Kirk S. Hegwood President Signing for Hegwood Electric Service, Inc. [email protected]
Depending on how many of the 9 pins you are using, you can get DB-9 plugs with an RJ-11 or RJ-45 telephone type socket in the cover. Using this connector, you only have to size the conduit to handle the modular plug. Don't remember who made them, but we purchased ours from several different electronic supply houses. John Beck Pennzoil Quaker State Refinery Shreveport, LA

Kai Atle Myrvang

Have a look at ERNI ERbic connector # 124924 (female) or # 114228 (male). 9-pin conncetor with screw terminals in the shell. This Universal connector is part of their fieldbus connector series. Kai Atle Myrvang AD Elektronikk AS Oslo Norway
Eric, I *think* Phoenix Contact has such a part for Interbus-S, but maybe you can't get them where you are. You could probably do it by buying a DB-9 with long pins and some Phoenix Contact screw terminals blocks that are on .1" centers. Each DB-9 connector would require a four pin and a five pin. The centers on a DB-9 are not quite .1", but close enough for this few pins. Just solder each row on to the DB-9 back. You might even be able to make it look decent by wallering out a DB-9 shroud to fit around it ;^) If you have to do a lot of them (more than 10) and you have the know-how, you could make a small PCB that fits between the DB-9 pins and brings the connections out to terminals. You should be able to do the layout for such a simple design with any CAD package, copy the design multiple times to make a panel, and get some PC boards made. This would cost a couple hundred bucks, but would be just what you want. Regards, Willy Smith Numatics, Inc. Costa Rica
Hi Eric, Sorry for the delay in my response....I've gotten pretty backlogged with my e-mail ;oP Here's some ideas that I've used with success: 1.) Use "field-assembled" backshells (not molded) on the cable ends. This way you can disassemble the backshell and rotate the DB-9 connector so it is in-line with the cable. A DB-anything connector has a much smaller cross-section when viewed from the end rather than the side, and will fit through smaller conduit. 2.) Use "Round-to-Flat" cable and IDC connectors on the end. Round-to-Flat cable is just standard ribbon cable that is twisted and jacketed in a round shape specifically for ease in routing. I _know_ AMP makes Round-to-Flat cable, but I would guess that the other cable manufacturers (Alpha, Belden, etc.) make this cable as well. The IDC connectors for ribbon cable are simple to attach, with no special tools. You can use standard hoods with them. Cable and connectors are available (and probably in stock, too!) through Allied Electronics (www.alliedelec.com) or Newark Electronics (www.newark.com). Hope this helps, - Eric Nelson [email protected] Controls/Software Packaging Associates Automation Inc. [email protected] Rockaway, NJ, USA
Hi Eric, I recently received a flyer in the mail from Phoenix Contact introducing a DB-9 connector with internal screw terminal connectors. I think it is just what you are looking for. Sorry, but I don't have the exact name or part number. Check with your Phoenix rep or with their web site. -Dana Dana Lommen - Relcom Inc. - 503.357.5607 x119 [email protected] www.relcominc.com