DC motor speed and position control


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I want to control the speed and the position of a permanent magnet dc motor. In other words I would like the motor to rotate, let's say, 30 degrees left with some speed reference and then 45 degrees right with some other speed reference. I know how to model a dc motor, I know about how a PID controller works, but I don't know how a control system like this one should look like. (not in terms of electronic design, but in terms of logic, like simulink). I don't know how to manipulate the speed error and the position error in order for the system to work as I said. A system with only one control technique would be easy. But both of them?

Is that even possible? If someone can help me out with this, I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance.
The standard position loop has inner velocity loop (cascade structure). And velocity can be controlled by velocity profiler referred to velocities, acceleration/deceleration and jerk. Such profiler can be connected before position loop as well.
Thank you Leon. C

an this work if I consider that the velocity is the rate at which I give the system a number of small position steps?