dc motor speed control


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need help regarding the controller design of motor speed control in SIMULINK to practically implement it via pci daq card.

i'm a final year B.Sc student of electrical engineering. i need helpful comments regarding any practical aspect of this project. i will be awfully thankful to you. i will to be contacted via e-mail.

my e-mail address is [email protected]
i'm final year student that currently do final year project on automatics vehicle braking system... my problems is how to control dc motor speed in order to brake the car.

Curt Wuollet

That's easy! You control the speed downward to stop the car. As a final year student you should figure this out yourself.



Bouchard, James \[CPCCA\]

You need a controller that allows 4 quadrant operation and to brake just let the motor run as a generator and send the power back to charge the battery or at worst dump it in a resistor bank. This approach is used all the time in industry for braking of motor loads. The 4 quadrant power controller requires twice as many power components as the regular one but that's the way it is.

James Bouchard