dc servo driver


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I was trying to control a robot for a university project.I was thinking that the robot is working properly and I will only design controller with microcontroller.But when I began I see that the drivers are out of order....

So I am not a power electronic man but I have 6 permanent magnet DC motor ( 3, 60 Amps (peak) and 3 15 Amps (peak)). There are brakes, encoders, and pots on motors. I found some PWM driver IC's to control them by PID (SGS-thompson L290-91-92,National LM629) but they are for small powers.
I need to know how to drive these motors..And how PID maintains the position with encoder feedback?
How can I build an H-Bridge?
TD340 from SGS-THOMSOM will be another good option for H-bridge circuit. Also I'm in evaluation stage. good luck.