DC vs AC lights

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Dear list members one fundamental question
What is the difference in constuction of DC/AC fluorescence lamps. Whether the bulbs/tubes can be interchangeable.
The ohm of a AC lamp are less then that of a DC lamp. You can safely apply about 20 VAC to a 13.8 VDC automotive lamp.

Connect a rectifier and a DC capacitor to the AC line, this will give you relative DC volts. (RMS volts).
The tube is ionized once it is stuck with a higher voltage and try to maintain constant voltage drop across it. So if the AC or DC supply is capable of limiting current after wards and can continue to supply a current to maintain the gas ionization voltage,it will work, It does not matter if it is AC or DC.

Just curious- where did you see a DC F light? A Dc F lamp was used in earlier days but no more.