DCOM on a proprietary network ?

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I have to develop some OPC clients & servers which will communicate over a proprietary protocol (like HDLC) and NIC(PCI cards) that only implements the Link layer of the OSI model.

I know that OPC is an API that uses DCOM, and in all technical overview I see on DCOM, it is said that it can use ANY transport protocols to communicate between client & server.
I wonder if it is possible to plug directly the DCOM/RPC stack onto the network via our driver ??
Does DCOM need the services offered by a transport protocol like routing, etc...?

If I have to use TCP/IP or UDP, is it possible to put it on our NIC driver ? (which is not NDIS. Do we have to write an Intermediate NDIS driver??)

I know it's a little complex and confuse but I would really appreciate to have an answer!