DCS CS3000 Upgrade to Centum VP R6

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We received a proposal from Yokogawa that we should upgrade our cs3000 to centum vp R6. they said that the hardware of the cs3000 (fcs type AFF50D, AFS30D and node IO type ANB10D) is not compatible with centum vp R6. it means that we must replace all the nodes and FCSs, and HMIs, Servers...

Does anyone have a recommendation for someone/company that can help us?

I have quite the same experienced before but our system is upgrade to CVP R5 from CS3000. Only the software was upgraded and both software and hardware are still compatibility.

I've asked a trainer in YOKOGAWA training centre about this before, and the answer is no need to replaces all hardware at the same time of software upgrading. However, you should contact Yokogawa Engineering Service Centre for a details.



CS3000 upgradation to R5 does not require FCS change or IO node replacement. Only software part need to be changed.
>CS3000 upgradation to R5 does not require FCS change or IO
>node replacement. Only software part need to be changed.

Hi Gentlemen,

The HMI/System upgrade to be as like below in line with LCM road map of DCS OEM in this case Yokogawa.

1. HMI upgrade from CS3K to CENTUM-VP mandatory due to non support of PC H/w and MS OS.

2. Nevertheless the OEM says it supports their OEM h/w, there is clear LCM road map by them for CS3K ERBUS/AFV10D controller CPU,RIO Bus type CPU based FCS. Most of these h/w life extended support starts from 20-2024.

3. During the above subject period either you've to have your own inventory of critical spares or to have a parts management supply program with vendor.

4. Usually the extended phase ends with maintenance phase which usually about 2-3 years or to the max. possible components support at mfr. level.

Note: Yokogawa have developed CP471 a new CPU to back end support so that CENTUM-VP R6 compatibility can be met even with minimum investment on old controllers. In all probability the Life extension of Yokogawa systems are much easier while compare with other DCS majors.

Good Luck!