DCS Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)


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what is the procedure to carry out Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) & Site Acceptance Test (SAT) of DCS panel?

Could any one give me the procedures?
Colloquially speaking, just check the DCS against your own specifications in FAT and its suitability to your process. Allow the supplier to make amendments and check for them in SAT !

To list a few things, you may check following during FAT
- overall system performance
- system integration
- architecture
- redundancy
- I/O functionality
- Panel Wiring
- Screens
- Diagnosis
- Open/ Close Loop performances
- and so on

You may also ask your supplier as to what they are going to offer in FAT ! (If you don't know, ask them what they can offer without telling them that you don't know it!)

C. Potdar
This a function of your control system engineering organization within your company and has to so with a set of standrds and procedures practiced in your company. It has to be developed also jointly with your automation vendor and project engineering group.