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N. Sarkees

Kindly provide me with any available information regarding hot cut-over procedures. Why do we use it, what are the different methods to do it and what are the safety precautions to be taken into consideration. Also if there is any document regarding this subject available on the web please advise the address. Thanks
Hot Cutover basically means to plan, install, commission and integrate new control systems/ electrical equipment with the existing systems without taking large sections of a plant into shutdown mode. Usually required where production should not be affected and where the modification itself is manageable to become part of the hot cutover procedure.

I do not know of any published material here but we have done it at times. It requires thorough planning and understanding of operational parameters.

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Hot Cut Over procedure is a step by step carefully identifying the requirement for the safe Hot Cut Over , it is normally prepared in a package that include all the necessary DWG , Isolation requirement , taping or by passing requirement , people in charge , all the prerequisite needed for the CUt Over , even it includes plan "B" , risk plan , schedule , .

This procedure should be developed during the design stage by the detail design engineering consultant / Vendor , and should be reviewed and approved by the proponent / operation / technical support unit , lose provision and the project management team. We can provide a go by if required