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<P>I have an application where we are thinking of using Plantscape for an offshore application. The scenario is that there is a central platform with multiple satellite platforms 3 miles away. The plan is to run an underwater cable with both power and fiber but our client also wants a
wireless connection as a backup. There will be redundant C200 controllers on the satellite platforms that I will need to monitor and send commands like setpoint changes. The control functionality will be self contained on the platform so there won't be a need for C200 peer-to-peer communication. Here's the issue, I can't extend ControlNet over radio and the C200 controllers will not connect to redundant
ethernet. Is there some network configuration that will facilitate the SCADA type interaction with the Satellite C200s and well as still permit
configuration changes?</P>

|-----------------------| |-----------------------|
| Redundant | | Redundant | |
Redundant |
| Enet |---- Radio ---------| Enet |---- Radio
---------| Enet |
| |---- Fiber-----------| |----
Fiber-----------| |
| Redundant | | Redundant | |
Redundant |
| Cnet | | Cnet | |
Cnet |
|-----------------------| |-----------------------|
3 miles 3 miles


<P>There are not a lot of points on the satellite platforms so the idea of adding redundant Plantscape tag servers to each satellite and using DSA to interconnect them sounds like using a sledgehammer to drive in a nail.</P>

<P>Thanks in advance for any input.</P>

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