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I am Having single loop controller with multidrop communucation & SCADA to Gather the data information. All DCS features of trend, graph, histroy is available. Can we call this as DCS.

Jake Brodsky

SCADA and DCS are very similar types of systems. The key difference is that SCADA systems, being supervisory in nature, are not supposed to do control loops. DCS systems are.

SCADA systems can poll their I/O irregularly, and the processing of that I/O can take place asynchronously. DCS systems are more synchronous, they will poll each data point every so often, whether it needs to be polled or not.

This behavior makes DCS systems better suited for closed loop control and SCADA systems better suited for monitoring subsystems over a wide area.

Patrick Viskens

Please stop comparing a DCS or PAS system with SCADA. SCADA is only software. DCS is so much more. SCADA is not a DCS or PAS system .

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