DCS wet/dry digital output module


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i have confuse in DCS wet/dry digital output module. We have mitsubishi netmation DCS and there is two module wet and dry digital output modules.

so far i know that wet contact output module will give direct signal from the module itself, for example direct power to operate solenoid.
While the dry output module will close external circuit to give power to the solenoid!

please correct me if I am wrong!

so i can energize the solenoid if i used any module whatever wet or dry! am i right?

If it so, what is the application that requires wet contact digital module and what is the application requiring dry? please give me examples

also to eliminate the doubt can u please tell me if i measured the voltage by voltmeter of the dry and wet contact what shall i get in OFF and ON position?

I haven't seen wet/dry used in the context you describe, perhaps it's a Mitsubishi term. Is it possible they are referring to Mercury wetted contacts?

Wet means the PLC digital output supplies power when the contact is closed. Dry means you need an external power source to drive the loop.

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Wet or dry is a common term to describe whether the output module provides the power (wet) or just a set of contacts (dry).

Hi Roy,

Thanks for replying so fast, but there is no mercury. It's wet, that means with power. But I want to clarify the upper inquiry, please.