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I want to use iFIX as DDE client. I have an application in VC++ as DDE server. Excel can read data from this server with the formula =Server|Test!count, Server is the application name, Test is the topic name and count is the item name. But I can not read data from iFIX database with this formula. DDE driver is loaded in iFIX.

DDE server application supports Unicode and ANSI.

I tried the formula Server:Test!count, but iFIX does not think it is a valid formula.

Could you please give me some advise? Thanks for your time and kind help. Looking forward to your quick response.

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Hi, Kevin,

Thanks for your kind suggestion. I tried the URL, however, I can not go in because I do not have a valid user id. Could you please tell me what is on that page?


Johan Bengtsson

I have used fix to communicate with DDE, in my project one of the tags have this I/O adress:


And that one works. LWDDESER is the registered server name and, well you know the rest I think...

When we are running this the server is always started before fix. It is possible (sometimes) to restart the server and have fix resume communication but not always.

I would suggest checking what happens if you try to connect to your server from excel and to excel from fix (not necesarily at the same time however) in order to get more understanding about where the problem might be located.

/Johan Bengtsson

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