DDE communication problem using RSVIEW


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Sandeep Shroff

Dear List Members

I have developed a standalone DDE Client application which reads data from the SCADA package using DDE and transmit it over a serial port.

At one site, I am trying to read 300 tags data from RSVIEW SCADA ( acting as DDE Server )package over DDE. The DDE Link Mode is kept in
manual mode. At the site, we are facing an unusual problem -- The data is being received at a very slow rate. (The data is being refreshed
almost after about 1.5 minutes.) My application is ending up consuming 97 % of CPU time also. The operating system is Win NT with 128 mb ram.

We have tested this same application using Excel as a DDE server and have found the application working perfectly on a different machine.

I would like to know --

1) Has anybody come across such a problem ? Has anybody found out any solution to this problem?
2) Is there any special settings for DDE to done in RSView Package to speed up the DDE transfer? ( I am new to RSView)
3) Is there any OS or Hardware related problem?

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