DDE server in a client PC


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RIcardo Pabon

I have a DDE server running in a client PC with windows 2000. This PC is runnig in a network with a windows 2000 Data server.

I need that the other w2000 client PCs in the network can access the DDE server installed in my PC.

How can I do that?
You need to set up a dde share on the computer that you are trying to talk to. Then in your code address the dde server with the NetDDE syntax. ie... To address the server locally the syntax woould be ServerName|Topic!item. To do this remotly over a network it would be like this..ServerName|NetDDE$|Topic!item.
There are many issues with Windows 2000 and NetDDE. Make sure you use all the patches and fixes recommended by Microsoft for NetDDE. Even with the patches there are still open issues with 2000 and NetDDE.