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Phillip Kristensen

We have an application where we need to talk to some equipment using IEC protocol (60870-5-101).
We have some software (on a WinNT4 machine) which has a DDE client.
What we need is a DDE server (to go on the NT4 machine) and collect data from the external device which talks the IEC protocol. It will talk out through either an Ethernet connection or an RS-485 connection.
Has anyone got any suggestions on where we could source this from?
If you still need a solution then you can contact me at "[email protected]", mailto:[email protected] . I am working in a organization that is Rockwell
Software Distributor in India and also provide
development solutions to such communication drivers and conectivity solutions. We have developed a similar solution for connectivity of RSView32 SCADA to IEC 870-5-103 communicating slaves and can develop the same for for IEC 870-5-103 communicating slaves. If you require any other details for some of the requirements like that you can ask me.

Kishore Kumar Luthra
Engr: Process Control & Automation
Computronics International Ltd,
New Delhi-48, India