DDE to Suitelink Application


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James Wilk


I have inherited a server which only talks DDE and need to use it in distributed NT wonderware applications. I have found netdde to be a nightmare maintaining. does anybody know of a small application which would converter the local dde data and serve it up suitelink?



Hunter Farris

You might try using the Merz Company DDEtoOPC Server or even the Matrikon DDE Client - OPC Server with the OPCLink from Wonderware. This should connect the DDE server to wonderware through OPC.

Hunter Farris

Gary Majkowski

Little did I Know...
Wonderware - behind my back and I assume behind yours - installs a service called Wonderware NetDDE helper when you load it.
It is not licensed. i.e. you don't need to licence the machine you've installed WW on.
My solution when I had your problem was to install, but not license WW on the server. This changes how NetDDE functions. You will find that after installing WW on the server, client accesss will change from \\computername\NDDE$|sharename!item to \\computername\application|topic!item.
I was blindsided by this when, after upgrading a machine to WW7.1 and it's NetDDE connections stopped working the old way. Very annoying when it happened, but it is easier to maintain than DDE Shares.