Decoding Siemens VSD param number from Fanuc RX7i Profibus message


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The control system uses several Siemens Simoreg DC drives which are controled over Profibus using a GE Fanuc RX7i VME bus PLC. They have been assigned nodes 1,2,3,4 & 5. There are other data acq. systems and GE PLCs on the network all using reflected memory.

I cannot figure out how to decode the words in the %R registers to the VSD parameter number, index, value etc. The message format is PPO5. I am trying to use a spare analog input on the VSD. There is another analog input being used, but I cannot figure out how to decode the R/W message to determine the param/VSS info.

I am way behind since I've never used GE plc's or Profibus. Any and all comments welcomed.