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Weifeng Cao

ABB Control System Forum is a dedicated technical forum for ABB control systems. ABB is widely recognized as the No.1 DCS vendor in this market and has huge users, this forum aims to provide a platform for all ABB system users to share knowledge.

<b>Moderator's note:</b> this ABB forum is not an official ABB forum, but rather one run by a distributor or other party.

Its a great idea and very relevant to me. I recognize from other sites that you are very supportive of ABB systems.

But the site is mostly in Chinese (with very limited English support) and it seems to be asking me for money for material that is copyright ABB - or did I misunderstand the meaning of "$10 to download this file"

This website support both English and Chinese users, pls select the English one in the homepage.

All download are free. it just consume credit, you can earn credits when you post.
The English "selection" is to click on the cyan (light blue) English characters at the top or bottom of the information on the left side of the middle of the page.
Weifeng has made some changes to the site to make it more English-friendly.

Also it is much clearer that downloads need "credit". You get credit by registering & posting. - Please disregard my previous comments about payment.

There is still some room for improvement, but the site is running quite well, and the more people that use it the better it will get. There is already a lot of useful information available.

Thanks to Weifeng
Reaching out to anybody who knows about the ABB Advant System, I am trying to get info on the DP640 a(P/N) 3bht300057r1 speed Module.

Specs are limited, hard to buy spares so looking to find out more about the card and where I could source from