define PCI arcnet to IDOS HMI System


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harith akram

I have problem when define PCI arcnet to IDOS Software, the arcnet.dat file has the same controler type. and I use cimplicty HMI in WIN -NT, the PCI arcnet work very good in same PC?
Harith Akram,

You indeed do have a problem.

It's not likely that if you have an HMI with WinNT and it had an ISA bus ARCnet card, that you can replace it with a PCI bus ARCnet card.

If the HMI had a PCI bus ARCnet card, and you have a compatible ARCnet card from one of the suppliers that GE used, you might be able to get it to work in the HMI.

In general, PCI bus ARCnet cards are not defined by settings in ARCNET.DAT; they are defined by settings in the TCI Control Panel Applet.
I've re-read your original post, and I'm still confused.

Are you saying you have both <I>s and HMIs?

And that the HMI (running WinNT) has a PCI ARCnet card and that you're trying to take the PCI ARCnet card from the HMI and put it in the <I>?

It's been well documented that <I>s and IDOS can't use PCI bus ARCnet cards. So, you can't take a working PCI bus ARCnet card from any HMI and put it into any <I>, even if the <I> has PCI slots (which many don't).

I'm still not clear what you're saying or even what you're asking. But hopefully between this post and the previous one, your "question" has been answered.