Delay between two start buttons.

Currently I'm working on a university project based on Star/Delta Starter on PLC.
I wrote program using LD, that switches on the circuit with a motor rotating forward (of course with star/delta starter - here I've used TON timer), then with another start button called "Start back" after pressing "STOP" I can turn the motor on backwards. Everything is working fine. Now I'm trying to figure out how I can set the delay after pressing STOP button (let's say 8 seconds) to block user with pressing START button with another direction.

For example, motor has been started forward, then we press stop and we cannot press "START BACK" until 8 seconds will elapse (to secure the motor).

I was trying to use TOF timer 2 times (one timer for Forward and one for Backwards) but it doesn't solve the problem.
Is there any logic way to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance,

There is always a logical way to solve a problem,
the harder it appears the greater challenge it becomes.

I must admit the MCC's (motor control centre) I have worked on
the star/delta start is achieved electrically. This is so the starter works
in 'manual' mode without PLC control.

This means you only have one PLC 'run' signal.
For bi-directional motors the PLC has another signal forward/reverse.
Regardless of direction you only need one start inhibit to prevent
repeated starting in either direction.

What are you looking at electrically ?
As I would see one star/delta circuit with a reversing contactor
to swop 2 phases over to achieve reversing.
Do you have any inputs to confirm direction of rotation or a zero speed switch? I would inhibit both start buttons until I have confirmed, not assumed, that the motor is not rotating.