Delphi Application and terminal port of Modicon TSX Micro 3722 PLC via PCU 1030 cable.


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Kukuh Prasetyo

I want to connect my delphi aplication progam to terminal port of Modicon TSX Micro 3722 through PCU 1030 cable. It's idea based on capability PL7 Junior as Human Machine Interface to get various data from PLC, but my idea more simple. I want to configure my PLC program to send character strings to terminal port using command (example): PRINT_CHAR(ADR#0.0.sys,'characters to be sent',%MW100:4) and my PC configured to recieve data from COM1/2. Unfortunately, my idea doesn't work, I just recieve series control characters which displayed as '|'. I do not know about my mistake. Should I use driver program to drive PCU 1030 to working properly ? and if yes, where I can get it (for free :)) ?
Or i must use RS485 to RS232 converter to connect my PLC and PC ?

Thank you for enlighment ...


Gijsbert-Jan Welp

The problem in this case is the cable. This is a programming cable and the TSX37 is programmed using the Uni-Telway protocol. This cable makes 100% sure the TER port on the TSX37 is in Uni-Telway when placed. It forces the TER port to Uni-Telway master no matter how the port is configured in the software. Since an Uni-Telway is always polling the slaves this is what you see.

So two things. You need a new cable. Get the latest TSXPCX1031 cable. On it a rotary switch which allows you to use the cable as a programming cable but also for what you want to do with it.

Also check if you have configured the TER port as Charecter Mode Link.

Hope this helps

Gijsbert-Jan Welp
Technical Support Automation
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Kukuh Prasetyo

Thank for information, it's very useful for me
but ... is there any other way/solution to connect my PC and PLC such as using RS485/232 converter cable (in my 'newbie idea' data cable configured with IC SN75176 and MAX 232)? As far as I know the TER port is based on RS485 (unitelway just it's protocol) and its port (8 pin mini-DIN) is capable to pluged with other RS485 peripheral.

Is the device which connected to TER port 'MUST' support uni-telway protocol ?

PS : I am an Electrical Engineering Indonesian student, I'm sorry if I ask about the thing which 'not recommended' from manufacturer.

Gijsbert-Jan Welp

No you do not need to use a Uni-Telway device connected to the TER port.

In the software you can cofigure the TER port to communicate Uni-Telway (of course), Modbus/JBus and Character mode. Using the connector on the TER port you need to tell the port not to do Uni-Telway master but do perform the configured mode.
This is done in the connector with pins 5 and 7. When connected with each other the port will do the configured.

So if you have some Mini Din connector (male-female) laying around you should be able to make something yourself. The port lay-out can be found in the TSX Micro PLCs TSX 3705/3708/3710/3720 Implementation Manual Volume 1 (page 343) which can be found on
(usually the D(A) signal on the TER port is - signal on RS485.)
Be carefull though. Because using non Schneider products will void your waranty on your TSX products.

Good luck.