Delphi-created ActiveX controls in WinCC


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WinCC doesn't get along too well with ActiveX controls created in Delphi 5 because of the 'Sender:' parameter Delphi adds to your methods. Is there any way around this without wrapping the control in Visual Basic? Is there any way to modify Delphi or set an option so it won't use 'Sender' when it creates an ActiveX component?

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Tom Tuddenham

This is a strange question - Delphi's implementation of ActiveX is, from an interface point of view, the same as any other COM-based implementation. If you don't want the 'Sender' parameter to appear in your methods simply remove them from the code and update the type library accordingly.

Having said that, I've never seen Delphi add a 'sender' parameter to any ActiveX wrapper I've ever written, so maybe I'm misunderstanding the problem. One thing to remember, if you're going to use your ActiveX control in anything other than Delphi you can't expose Delphi arefacts (Delphi objects, Delphi types, etc) via the COM interfaces. You must use language-neutral types like DWORDS, C structs and the like.

Sorry that's not more help.

WinCC actually doesn't allow access to the 'methods' of ActiveX controls. You can however access the properties. This is a limitation. Perhaps this is the problem that you have run into. Hope this helps.

Roger Hill
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