DeltaV - Are there general guidelines on downloads


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Precilla, Arnold X

I would like feedback on what configuration changes and downloads are safe to do without upsetting the process?

I understand the basics, i.e. any changes to the control scheme, like changing a control module which is assigned to a controller and then downloading is a problem.

But has anyone experienced any unexpected upsets while downloading other seemingly small changes? For example, changes to workstation alarm area assignment or such things.

Chris Jennings

As a new user of DeltaV I have found the main example of something that is not bumpless is downloads to I/O. You will get a cycle of bad quality data so if that will cause problems you will need to coordinate your downloads to ensure you don't cause process issues.

The general rule of thumb we are applying at the moment is plan for the worst case scenario and don't take unnecessary risks (ie don't download unless you have to).

With regards to small changes, anything you change on the run is at risk of having an indeterminate value during the change process. So once again assume the worst.

Good luck!

Chris Jennings