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I am trying to create a moving average functionality in DeltaV. I have a calculation block with code that works for the most part, but I think I know a way to create the same functionality an integral block. Essentially, if I set the primary (high) integral value equal to the process variable, and the secondary (low) value equal to what the process variable was 100 seconds ago, I am essentially overwriting old values with new ones after 100 seconds. Given a sample rate of 1 second, I can divide the integral output by 100 and I've got my moving average. Trouble is, there is not a functional block that simply delays output by a set time. Any idea how to get this to happen?

Using integral to create moving average
High value is process variable
Low value is process variable delayed by 100s
How do I delay PV output by a set time?
You can use the Filter block to calculate a moving average by entering a TIMECONST value that is much greater than the scan rate of the block. The OUT value of the block is the average of the IN value for the previous TIMECONST seconds.