Deriving RMS from Vibration Transmiter


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Hello everybody;

I have the range of the Vibration Transmitter that is 0-50 ips Peak.
and the trip of a machine is 5/8ips rms.

this means that probe measures vibration and transmits it to plc in "peak" but the control system should convert it into "rms". what is the relationship between peak and rms in vibration systems?

thank you for any help
Ali Shakarami
As you know the vibration signal may not completely sinusoidal!
how can we drive the RMS value from Peak?

Shakarami... to determine the RMS value of any signal you must extract its wave-shape for one period.

If you need additional instruction let us know!

Phil Corso
Ali Shakarami,

Using my preferred Internet search engine and the search term:

"convert vibration measurement from peak-to-peak to RMS" (without the double quotes) the first result was:

I seem to recall some information about conversions on the Metrix website, though I can't seem to find it at the present time.

A lot of instrumentation manufacturers have lots of very useful "white papers" on their websites for help with issues like this. also has a 'Search' feature cleverly hidden at the top of every page on the far right side of the Menu bar. It's not intuitive but it is powerful, so to get the most out of it it's best to use the Search 'Help' feature to derive the best results.

the reason I suggested that you first derive wave-shape is because there are simple answers if the shape is triangular, trapezoidal, clipped sine-wave, etc!