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Stan Smith

I am looking for references and proven installation examples in interface level measurement for an application for which we need to measure the oil/water interface in a refinery electrostatic desalter. There will be an emulsion layer between the oil and water phases, the probe must accurately read the top of the water level. Basic information: Oil Specific Gravity: 0.867 Water Specific Gravity: 0.919 Vessel Dimensions: 12' OD by 55' Length Code Stamp: ASME w/NB Reg. Design Pressure: 15 BARG @ 175 Degree C MAWP: 15.65 BARG @ 175egree C Operating Pressure: 11.9 BARG @ 149 Degree C Displacer technology peformance is currently below acceptable standards. RF admittance, capacitance, microwave, and guide radar are possible solutions.
Dependable sliding float. SS probe can be selected from 1/2" to 1" Dia. The float can be from 2 to 8" Dia. sinks in hydrocarbons - floats on water. Continuous or Point level. Continuous is either 1 - 10 VDC or 4-20. The point level can be pre set. 240- VAC @ 0.5 amps resistive. Mount internally or externally. External view includes safe tracing flag level of interface level. Bob Hogg

Jason Liddell - POGC Sensor Technology P

We are the Australian Agent for AGAR Corporation and have supplied Desalter Control equipment for Oil/Water interface detection at a refinery in Australia with no problems. The technology used is microwave absorption. For more information email [email protected] or visit their website at