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Was looking for information to help me with my thesis deliverable. I was wondering if anybody out there had previously worked on the idea of Design and inplementating PLC programming, espically in a manufacturing environment.
If you have anything published or know of anything in this area i would thankfully appriciate it.

Are you writing a thesis titled something like "Design and Implementations of PLC programs in a Manufacturing Environment"? and you're asking if there has any similar document been written?

Is English your first language? I count at least 3 spelling errors and a miscapitalization in your paragraph, which I wouldn't expect someone at "thesis" level to do.

But to answer the question, most commercial PLC programming manuals should include information you would need, if not titled the same way.


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The best way to get the information that you need , I recommend you to try to make a contact with integrator companies (Industrial process control) in your local area.
It's very hard to find a book for your paper, because the industrial application it's very big area and does not exist a particular book that covers multiples process.
Normally you will find in the market a lot of people with a very good knowledge about PLC (Allen bradley, Siemens, Koyo, Ge, MODICON,...).
However, It is imposible to know multiples process like, plastics, papers, food processing, etc.
So the first step is select a process and try to know all about it, second talk with operators, engineers plant, technician etc.Remenber that consulting is the key, not matter what level you find in the factory. Step three looks what type of control they are using, and try to see how many dicrete inputs and outputs are necesary, at the same time look for analog sensors, they are expensive but they are more accurate that discrete.
I just want to show you a little picture about this theme.

My apologize for my english, this is not first language.


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