Designing a Solar Photovoltaic System


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having had interest in solar photovoltaics, can anyone help me design a solar pv system for a town with average daily energy consumption of about 8mw?

how do I design a grid-tied solar photovoltaic system for a community with daily energy consumption of 8mw.

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A Solar System giving out up to 8MegaW.- that would be quite a size!

A great deal would depend on location, which would possibly give an answer to fixed panel or sun tracking system. The location and type of panel would then determine the size of farm for the demand.

A well chosen Manufacture of solar panels would provide you with an estimation of farm size, electrical distribution and estimation of cost.

In the design of such a large system, you would have many questions to be answered - let us know how you get on!
Sounds like an interesting project. Something like that would need a civil/engineering firm or an epc that is familiar with design and construction of solar fields that size (small, as far as the governments concerned). You have the arrays themselves, electrical, inverter tech., transformers, off-taker wiring agreements, etc. A lot of moving parts. Not to mention the physical space and zoning requirements. Could be upwards of 10 acres per MW depending upon the array type, fixed, 1-axis tracker, 2-axis tracker, etc.