Desperate need of AD2Sxx resolver chips


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Tom Miske

We are currently in crisis mode looking for a supplier for the following Analog Devices resolver converter chips; AD2S82A and AD2S83A, and also the following oscillator chip AD2S99A. Our buyer left the company about 3 months ago and failed to notify his replacement in regards to the long lead times for these chips. Therefore, we need to find a supplier as soon as possible. If anyone has any information regarding where we might find a supply and/or supplier of these chips (without having to sell the company to afford them) please let me know. We would be very, very grateful.
If possible, please specify supplier's phone and/or e-mail address as well as any more information you can. Also, if the responder to this e-mail is the supplier, please specify the exact types of each chip that are available, the quantities, price per quantity and any other details you feel relevant.


Tom Miske