details of ISA slot


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Can i get the ISA slot details? (actually i want to interface some device on this slot)

Curt Wuollet

A google search for ISA bus specification should get you what you need to interface to the ISA bus. I've just been through that. The boondog
automation site I posted earlier shows some examples with explanation. Many electronics houses sell prototyping boards at low cost and it's better to get the physical stuff off them as their really are no accurate mechanical specs for what ISA cards look like in the real world. These cards make protos fairly easy. I don't think there are too many other folks on this list rolling their own.



Sumeet Chimalkar

What is your location? There are some good books that document the ISA edge connector signals. Drop me an email and I'll look up and give you some Titles/authors. If you are in India, I can tell you where to get prototyping cards for the ISA slot.

ISA is fine if you are a student or this is just a small home project you are interested in. If your objectives are commercial, then you need to work on a more current interface standard such as PCI or USB.

Sumeet Chimalkar ([email protected])