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I am searching for a manufacturer of a transmitter, receiver, and antenna system, for a low power radar. I need to measure the distance
to the vehicle driving in front of the subject vehicle. It is not an accident avoidance system, but will be used for another project. I either need to be able to control the rf on/off gating, or have that signal available. Also I need to be able to get the returned demodulated signal. I need the time of flight, or echo time. If this
time is not available, I have computing power available in my processor. I am looking at distances of ten to one hundred fifty feet.

Any help, suggestions, or other contacts will surely be appreciated.

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Bern - Eng

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Wally Daniels

BANNER has a range of ultasonic sensors with analog output

Idec has a range of laser sensors with analog output

Outputs either 4-20mA or 0-10V DC.

Wally Daniels.
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Scott Rosenke

Do not use Ultrasonic becasue its signal is affected by sound, condensation, temperature etc..

Use microwave radar(E+H) or laser sighting


we want to track the students in our campus of around 500m. we want an antenna to track the students as well as any memeber within our institution. we need some guidance from u'r side to know something about this project.

contact us :
E-MAIL: [email protected]
(NTTF-it center,blore)

Thanking u!