detection equipment for activation of a foam/water deluge


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Arnold Precilla

For a foam/water deluge system to be installed for protecting four compression machines (natural gas, CO2 and synthesis gas) and their associated lube oil systems for a process plant, I have come across the following detector types:

1. Heat wire
2. Heat detector
3. UV/IR detector

Can anyone provide guidance as to advantages/disadvantages of these?
Also, any vendors which can provide the skills for the design and installation of the system?
You would probably need a de-pressurizing linear type heat detector for these applications as they are more robust that just the wire type.
These would be suitable for monitoring the Lube Oil systems and the compressors that are compressing a non-flammable product.
The UV/IR detectors would be suitable for compressors that compress a flammable product. You should also include detectors to detect product leaks, before they ignite.

Scott Rosenke

We have designed a level system that measures the foam/liquid interface within a tank. With this we can measure the top of the foam and interface. If you are having problems with foam in the line why don't you send it to a foam/soap concentrator to remove the foam or settle in the tank. From the bottom of the tank you can pump off the liquid.