Determine Motor Current and Input Current


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I have a duty cycle of 300 points of a servo motor power (kw), torque(NM), and speed(RPM). I would like to determine the motor output current and vfd input current given vfd input at 480vac so I can size the motor and cable appropriately.

I know I can enter this into some sizer tools, but at the same time would like to learn the manual way to determine.
You may use Wireless Current Monitor

AC Current Range 0-100A with auto time delay based data sample transmission or on current change detection (configurable duration in both cases).Configurable Current Sensor Calibration over the wireless link

Or If you have good knowledge about microcontroller then do give a try out the IOT interface also

4-Channel Input with 10, 20, 30, 50, or 70-Amp Input Range
Solid Core Current Sensors with 3% Max Error Rate
and can also expandable with many actuators or different PWM hardware