Development of SCADA system, for data recevied from MODBUS PLUS


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I am student of computer science. I have selected " Development of HMI (SCADA) system as project for my thesis.

One of local industry has setup of Modicon 984 series PLCs that are connected by MODBUS PLUS. Industry also has a redundant supervision and control system which does the "Event recording, Alarm recording, trends and curves, Reports, dynamic graphic display of the plant status, and graphic editor, configuration of different display points and PID faceplates and highly customized interface" this supervision system is running on VAX station at Ethernet, which are connected with MODBUS PLUS through GATEWAY via Etherwork. All nodes are synchronized (Show same data and alarm status) .The industry wants to replace there VAX system with Intel Based platform running WinNT.

I have taken it as my final thesis. But I don't have any idea about how to pick data from MODBUS PLUS and where should I store this tag data in database. Which tools and packages should I use to develop software, which provides all the Real Time supervision features described above, and network security as well.

Note: I have the knowledge of C++, VB , COM , ActiveX ,SQL , ............. , I have sufficient time to complete this project.

Can anyone guide me in this regard that from where and how should I start and proceed step by step?


I have worked with Modbus Plus used in the automotive industry, in my case to an Excel spreadsheet. So if I could be of any help on how to gather the information send me note! There are several commerical packages that would do exactually what you are trying to do.
Wonderware, Idel, Visual Basic using a "Ocx", maybe Labview has a Modicon communications driver, to name a few! I've worked with Modicon PLC for 20 years now.

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Thank you for a reply.I want to tell you that I don't want to use any commercial package for SCADA or HMI.I want to developmy own Client application package using VB and any ActiveX controls available,communication driver like OPC .....

suggest me.