Device catalog in PACTware

Hi Everyone,

I'm glad today to get a support from an expert on control & systems scoop,
I have one station with pactware and their application project with fully device catalog,
my issue when I tried to open the project on another station, I got message like the DTMs file doesn't exist on device catalog,
" FYI i'm not connected on network "
I'm looking forward to export the catalog from the original station to my second station.

I hope that I was clear.
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I am unaware of a means of ’exporting’ either an individual or multiple DTMs from Pactware. I held off making this reply for a couple days, hoping someone who had uncovered some means of exporting DTM files would comment.

But the instrument manufacturers all post the DTMs for their devices on their web site so that you can download the files and install them into the catalog.

I have used both Krohne’s and Vega’s versions of Pactware which would run any DTM from any manufacturer. But I was told that E&H’s version of Pactware ( a brand name) had some licensing restriction built into it that limited the use of non-E&H DTMs without a ’license’.
Hi David and thanks for answer,

yes i know that i can download the DTMs From vendors but in my project i have too much different vendors of instrument.

If one is missing, you will not be able to open the project. Thus you need to know which devices are in the project, in order to search all your DTMs.
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