Device for analog I/O for a PC


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Adrian Chmielnicki


I need a device for a PC (standalone or a card) that would allow me getting some data from a process: temperature from RTD Platinium 100 ohm sensors, and water flow rate. I also need to have some outputs available, to control a valve. Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? I have found something that I could connect to my printer port, but it didn't allow to connect the RTD sensors - it had only normal voltage inputs.

Does anyone know a company making this kind of stuff?

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Check out a company called Phoenix. They make alot of pc interface controls. If they don't have what you need then email with your specs and I will design what you need for you.

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You can check,the web site of Lake View Research.There are many links to companies that can offer serial and parallel I/O devices for PC. Good luck C.P.Ku
You can check,the web site of Tecnnt HTE (Italy).There are some solution PC + fieldbus based. Stefania