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I am working on project which requires running devicenet interface scanner card on realtime operating system (Hyperkernel). I have been doing a little bit of shopping around and found that devicenet master source code is available at a cost. But it seems I will have to develop the card specific interface on my own. Since I do not have enough information on devicenet I cannot estimate what exactly do I have to do to write the card specific interface and how much effort it would involve. Any thoughts/ideas?

Heinz-Juergen Oertel

This surely depends on your CAN interface and the available functions or libraries to access the CAN controller on your interface card. Importand is the type of bus used for this card, e.g. ISA, PCI, or whatever and if there is only the CAN controller to access (and which one) or if may be there is an additional microcontroller providing at least a CAN FIFO or more higher layer oriented functions. In order to get more precise answers, I would suggest provide more details about your CAN hardware.
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