DeviceNet on a Quantum PLC


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Murray Langley

I plan to set up a DeviceNet network onto a Quantum PLC and am using a DeviceNet scanner card from AVG automation. Can someone please forward information about this application and its pitfalls if any have been encountered? I will be setting this network quite far away from the PLC head rack and the engineerng terminal where the RS-Linx for the devicenet is located. The scanner card is in a remote rack on the Quantum PLC. How can i connect the RS-Linx terminal to the devicenet network over a very long distance?
One heck of a lot easier with AB or Omron. Both support DeviceNet really well. Schneider do not.

Tom Spangler

I just configured a Quantum with an AVG devicenet card. Some pitfalls, the RS-Networx software is almost as expensive as the AVG card. AVG does not have a driver (.mdc file) for Concept 2.6, Modicon tech support made one for me, so one is available from them. Works well after some blood, sweat, and tears! Let me know if you need more info.

Michele Tonon

I had a lot of problems with it. First, I was allowed to put the scanner only in the main rack, where the CPU is. Because of that, I was allowed to put max. two scanners with 32 words config. (rack limit = 512 inputs). Now I have problems when I need to read data from photocells (allen bradley smart 9000 and prox.switches 871TM) because this is possible only if I map 2 bytes (strobed). With an allen-bradley scanner and a ControlLogix CPU I can read them even if I map just one bit. Has somebody info about?