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I am looking at communicating serially to a Motor Control Centre to control and monitor motor control equipment remotely. What is the best solution, DeviceNet or Profibus? Has anyone carried out an evaluation on the two protocols to determine which is the best solution and why?? I am finding it very difficult to pick between the two, any help experience appreciated.
Hello Paul and others

I would be most interested to know what was the outcome of Paul's quest as I find myself contemplating the same dilemma.

Any feedback on the subject from those with experience in both fields would be most welcome.

Donald P

Curt Wuollet

When I analyzed them, my conclusion was DeviceNet for small networks, Profibus for large because DN is aimed, well, at devices. I would prefer something Open and commoditized over either, but that, as they say is another story. Devicenet is CAN, with none of the advantages. Profibus is doing RS485 with the maximum amount of complexity and software possible. Flip a coin.



Heinz-Juergen Oertel

That is not so easy to answer. You can not only look at the protocol with motion control applications to decide which one is better. For my understanding, first look at the mechanical requirements than whats available on the market with which kind of interface, CANopen, DeviceNet or Powerlink with the CANopen device profile family. Another point will be of course the acceptance of a special filedbus type. Which is different in different application fields.

Regards Heinz