Devicenet to PC104 interfacing


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Curtis Haley

I am looking for any possible way to use a Devicenet system to control a PC104 card. I'm new to the field, so any info, websites, etc. would be appreciated.

Robert Scott

What sort of PC104 card do you want to control? DeviceNet is based on CAN, so the PC104 card must have a CAN interface. Beyond that, it must be programmed to support the DeviceNet protocol. This usually requires some understanding of the application, because different devices have different DeviceNet characteristics.

If your PC104 card does not have a CAN port, then there is another choice. Several companies supply serial RS-232 to DeviceNet converters. You could connect to a serial port on the PC104 card and use this separate converter module (about $300) to make it available on the DeviceNet.
Browse on over to the "": website and look through the catalog.

Usually the question is the other way around; "how do I use a PC/104 system to control DeviceNet I/O", and most of the products you'll find (Hilscher, Softing, Meiden) are Master Scanners.

Synergetic Micro Systems, however, also offers a DeviceNet Slave implementation on a PC/104 form factor.